2016 Jaguar XJ

The XJ is manufactured by the British automobile company, Jaguar. The first Jaguar XJ model was launched back in late 1968 and this fact alone shows that XJ line has had a pretty long history. The model’s current version was launched in 2009. The unveiling of the Jaguar XJ was such an important event for the company that it was broadcast live on the Jaguar website. The Jaguar XJ is a spacious four-door sedan that carries the soul of a sports coupe. This model features extra LED corner illumination when you maneuver at low speeds. This Jaguar model has an all-new exterior design unlike its predecessors. Jaguar XJ is all about automotive luxury and styling. The Jaguar XJ has much sleeker lights and more aggressive appearance, that all together make it look exceptional. The XJ is surprisingly dynamic on the road. Once you are inside the Jaguar XJ’s cabin you won’t want to get out of there. Everything inside the vehicle speaks of luxury, comfort and premium quality. Your smooth and stable drive is guaranteed by the handling technology that constantly senses road conditions and other vehicles. It also has a standard full-length sunroof. Jaguar XJ is a true passion in motion. The XK comes in the following trims: XJ, XJ AWD, XJL Portfolio, XJL Portfolio AWD, XJ Supercharged, XJL Supercharged and XJ Supersport. The main competitors of the car are Audi A7 and Audi A8. The price of the 2015 starts at $74,095. You can lease the 2015 Jaguar XJ from Studio Motors in Los Angeles. For the best Jaguar XJ lease deals in Southern California including San Luis Obispo, Kern County, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Ventura County, and San Diego, contact Studio Motors. New Jaguar XJ Rebates and Incentives are introduced at the beginning of every month. For an immediate Jaguar XJ lease quote, you can call 877-788-3460 or get a quick quote online by visiting our Quick Quote Page.

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