Ferrari LaFerrari – $5,000,000 in 5 Years

When it comes to Ferraris, this is THE Ferrari… and it had to be. When you’re predecessor is literally named after the founder, Enzo Ferrari, the successor had better bring everything it has and then some. And boy did the LaFerrari deliver. Weighing in at 3495 lbs with 6.3 liters of V12 + KERS magic dumping out a magnificent 950 horsepower and 664 lbs of torque, the LaFerrari is just getting started.

How Much is a LaFerrari now?

LaFerrari Original Price: $1,450,000 starting
LaFerrari Price Now: $3,500,000+++Launched in March of 2013, the LaFerrari had a base starting price of $1,450,000, today, it was more than doubled in less than 10 years. Making the LaFerrari a incredible investment for any collector. Every time we lose a LaFerrari in a wreck, the value rises even more.

Can you Lease a LaFerrari?

Yes, there are a number ways to structure a lease a LaFerrari if you do not want to finance a LaFerrari. Although it is not a new vehicle, Studio Motors can structure lease programs on the LaFerrari through numerous specialty lenders. It goes even deeper… depending on your financial needs, and working in unison with your CPA/financial advisor, a structure can be achieved to maximize your investment.