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Studio City – one of the most vibrant residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, California. The city is also home to Los Angeles’ favorite new car sales and leasing service – Studio Motors. Located on Studio City’s key commercial vein – Ventura Boulevard, the company caters to Studio City residents, as well as to those residing in its neighboring communities in Hollywood Hills, North Hollywood, Beverly Crest, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake and others. Studio city is considered one of the most vibrant and fun areas of Los Angeles County. It is a perfect city for living, working and relaxing. There was a time in 1980’s when CBS was the only center in Studio City. Now, however, it is home to some of the biggest studios and production companies in the world of entertainment. Restaurants, bars, shops, movie theatrs, etc – Studio City offers wide range of activities for everyone – be it a visitor or a resident. The city got its name back in 1920’s. There was a point in its history when some of Studio City residents wished to see Laurelwood as the name of their town, however, the local authorities voted for the name Studio City. Majority of residents in Studio City are people working in the entertainment related industries such as television, music and film. The glamorous and flamboyant world of entertainment has its own requirements and rules. This is the world where the phrase “looks matter” works to its fullest extent and is perceived almost literally. Undoubtedly, cars, like apparel, play crucial part in shaping person’s image. Choosing the right car for the right price is not the easiest thing to do. There are more than one questions to take into account: should you lease the car, or buy it? What are the best offers on the market? Which are the best rates and residual values? To save yourself from the headache of pondering on dozens of questions alike the ones that were brought above, allow the team of highly experienced advisers at Studio Motors do this job for you. The intersection of Ventura and Laurel Canyon is considered one of the most popular and busiest intersection in Studio City, with over 100,000 cars passing by daily. This is where Studio Motors has opened its modern looking shop. Perhaps the main success of Studio Motors is in the fact that it is operated by car enthusiasts, who truly enjoy what they do. Often times it is hard to decide whether you should lease the car or buy it. Nowadays many people tend to lease cars more often. Leasing a car has its benefits when you think you’ll get bored of your car within a few years and decide to get something better. However, in case you decide to purchase a car that must serve you for a specific reason, than buying a car is a better decision. One way or another the team of advisers at Studio Motors will be able to help with any car related issues and questions you might have.

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