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If you work in Hollywood, the most famous commercial area of Central Los Angeles, you are most likely interested in commercial and business leasing. And if you are interested in the professional services of a Los Angeles based auto leasing center, Studio Motors will be your trusted guide in helping you get the car that you want. Hollywood represents the motion picture industry of the country, naturally, the best cars of all makes and all models can be noted on its streets. This is the entertainment capital of the world. People living or working in this area prefer to lease their cars, as they enjoy driving new cars every two to three years and walk along the latest trends even in the automobile industry. Studio Motors is an auto leasing center with celebrity service. They will provide you with information about the best lease deals in Los Angeles, as well as the latest buy and lease specials. The team of professional and experienced auto consultants at Studio Motors will help you decide which option works best for you – leasing or buying? There are several factors that play role when it come to this question: how much do you usually drive? How much money do you intend to spend on your car? For how long do you plan to own it? What type of a vehicle are you looking for and for what purposes? There is also a very comprehensive online application on the center’s website that you can fill out and it will give the consultants an idea about your credit history and help them figure out whether you can get the car you want or better look for some other option that will save you more money depending on your credit history. Usually if you do not plan to drive your future car more than 15,000 miles in a year, you better consider leasing it. However in case if you plan to drive long distances, the consultant may advice you to think of buying the car, since some dealers might charge you over 15 cents a mile for every additional mile that was driven. Also, when leasing the car you should realize that you are fully responsible for its condition and when the due date comes to return the car, the dealers may incur extra fees for the damage that was caused to the vehicle. If you have a good credit history and there are special lease deals on the market, you might be eligible for getting a car with even zero down payment. This is another reason why working with professionals in the business will make more sense since they often times have access to information that is unavailable to regular customers. Life in Hollywood can be very busy and if you have no time to come pick up your car from the Studio Motors offices, they will be happy to deliver the car to your home or office. They will provide you with strong after sale support and arrange a detailed walkthrough with features and options presentation and fully introduce you to your newly purchased or leased car.

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