Welcome to the Official Studio Motors Blog

Welcome to the Official Studio Motors Blog

Ladies and Gentleman, the show has begun! Welcome to The S Blog: The Official Blog of Studio Motors. All of us here are car guys & gals and love everything about the world of cars. Working in the automotive world, we are privileged to see, drive, and experience a whole lot of different cars, car shows, invite only events, and best of all, we get to deliver some of the coolest machines to their new owners. We do our best to share these special moments and occasions with everyone who is as passionate about cars as we are through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts which most people love. This week, we are taking that to a whole new level!

Pictures and Videos: We love shooting pictures and better yet, we love sharing them. So we’ll be sharing as much of our photos from all our adventures and events with you folks. They say “a picture says a thousand words”, we think a good picture can not only say a thousand words, it can inspire and motivate a person. It can push one to take their passion to the next level and make it a hobby or a career. We will share as many of them as possible!

Automotive News: If you wait for the latest news from your favorite manufacturer or news about your favorite model of car like we do, you’ll love The S Blog News Posts. We will be bringing the latest news and events in the automotive industry to our fans so you can experience these events in real time like we do. Everything from new model unveilings, special launches, motorsport news, and more. Anything that we get excited about as auto enthusiasts, we will make sure to bring to you as soon as possible.

Lease Specials: Studio Motors is by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts. We believe there are better ways to enjoy your dream car aside from paying a high, fixed price for them. For that reason we recently introduced the Studio Motors Lease Specials Program. It allows us to shop far and wide for your dream car which fits your needs perfectly. Once we have located the vehicle, our professionals go in and negotiate the best possible price, rates, and residual values which assures you get the lowest monthly payments possible. Once a solid deal is structured and fits your needs, we deliver your new vehicle right to your home or office. So, as these Special Lease Deals hit our desks, we’ll be sure to share them with you. And if that helps another gear head jump into the car of his dreams, we’ve done our job right!

Enjoy! This is for you, enjoy every bit of it. Most of us have been around cars our entire lives and feel blessed that we get to drive and experience some of the coolest cars the automotive world has to offer. We want to share this side of the automotive business with car fans around the world. We hope you truly enjoy it and visit us soon!

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