QWhat is Studio Motors?

A Studio Motors is a DMV Licensed and Bonded Auto Brokerage in the State of California. Studio Motors was created to simplify and enhance the car shopping experience. In doing so, we have perfected delivering the right car at the lowest price to your home or office. Our clientele includes Hollywood stars, actors, musicians, athletes, business executives, and more. If you want an easier car shopping experience than going to a dealership, and a lower monthly payment, Studio Motors was made for you.

QWhich Makes of Vehicles Does Studio Motors Offer?

A ALL Makes and Models of New Cars available in the United States can be leased or financed through Studio Motors. Everything from domestics to imports, economy to luxury, hybrids to exotics.

QAre The Cars Studio Motors Leases and Sells Brand New?

A YES! Studio Motors only offers lease specials and finance deals on brand new vehicles. Many times, you can lease a brand new car for a lower monthly payment then a used vehicle.

QHow Does Studio Motors Offer Such Low Payments?

A Low Overhead, Wholesale Pricing, Strong Buying Power. A generic new car dealership has very high overhead. High rent, high payroll, high advertising costs, and high sales commissions, which in return, yield high monthly payments. Studio Motors does not. We get the majority of our vehicles at wholesale pricing and pass the savings to our clients. The majority of the vehicles we sell and lease are BELOW dealer invoice! And since we work with every make and model of vehicle on the market, we have fleet directors for every brand of car which we hold long standing and strong relationships with. With all these factors combined, Studio Motors Auto Brokers can get you some surprisingly low monthly payments.

QWill I Get ALL Factory Rebates and Incentives?

A YES! Studio Motors Auto Brokers always make sure we get you every single rebate and incentive you qualify for. Weather it’s from the manufacturer or the lender, we always make sure all rebates are included. Often times, people may not even know certain rebates and incentives exist or that they may qualify for them. Our DMV Licensed Auto Brokers ask the right questions and make sure to save you as much money as possible.

QWill My Car Be Covered Under The Manufacturers Warranty?

A YES! Your vehicle will be covered under all manufacturer warranties, guarantees, and maintenance plans. You do not miss out on anything by leasing or buying with Studio Motors versus the dealership.

Q Can I get My Vehicle Serviced at a Dealership that’s Closest to Me?

A YES! Any new car dealership specific to your brand of vehicle can service your vehicle. Even if the service needed is covered under warranty or your maintenance plan, you can go to your car brands dealer that is closest to you and not pay out of pocket.

QWhere Do I Pick Up My New Car?

A You can pick up your new car from our beautiful Studio City, CA location on Ventura Blvd, intersecting Laurel Canyon. We are located right next to Chase Bank at: 12035 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604

QCan Studio Motors Deliver My Car to Me?

A YES! Your Studio Motors Auto Broker can deliver your new car to your home or office with all paperwork printed and ready to go! You do not have to go to a dealership or wait for hours in a finance office. Everything shows up ready to go!

QHow Long Does The Process Take?

A This is on a case by case basis, but most deals are done and delivered within 1 to 2 days.

QCan I Trade In My Current Vehicle?

A YES! We offer multiple ways for you to get out of your current vehicle. We can trade it in to a dealership which offers the most money for your car or we can sell your vehicle to the highest bidding wholesale buyer or used car dealership around the country. The goal is always to get you as much money as possible for your existing vehicle.

Q Can I Return My Current Leased Vehicle to Studio Motors?

A YES! We can handle your lease return for you at no extra cost. Many times we can even take you out of your current leased vehicle before your lease is due.

QDoes Studio Motors Charge Me a Fee?

A NO. We do not charge our clients a “brokering” fee like most Auto Brokers in Los Angeles do. Studio Motors is paid a predetermined fee by the vehicle brand for brokering the deal. Our clients do not directly pay us any extra fees.

Q Are there any miscellaneous or hidden fees I need to be aware of?

A NO. When your deal is finalized and before your new car is delivered to you, we provide you with your total out the door cost or down payment and monthly payment. When your vehicle is delivered to you with all paperwork ready to go, all figures will be exactly as discussed between you and your Studio Motors Auto Broker. No surprises, no hidden fees.

QWhat Is The Difference Between Studio Motors and a Retail Dealership?


QWho Do I Make My Monthly Payments To?

A Your payments are made to the bank which approved your lease with the best terms possible. Most of the time, the bank is the same as the brand. For example, most BMW leases are through BMW Financial Services, Lexus leases are through Lexus Financial Services. There are times when a third party bank offers a much better payment for a specific model so we will use that bank instead. For example, US Bank and Bank of the West typically offer much more better lease programs for the Toyota Tundra, so in that case we would use one of those banks and save you more money. Either way, your payments are made to the best possible lender for your specific car. You do not make payments to Studio Motors.

QDo I have to go to the DMV to register my vehicle?

A NO. We handle all DMV paperwork so you don’t have to! Your new car will get licensed and registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles for you and you will automatically receive your license plates and stickers in the mail.

QCan I pet Chewie, the Studio Motors Yorkie, when I come to pick up my car?

A Chewie, short for Chewbacca, is a very important member of our team at Studio Motors. If he is not busy with paperwork and making sure the mailman is doing his job right, you can definitely hang out with him and pet him!