BMW X7 Lease Deals


BMW X7 Lease Deal Overview

While doing your research for BMW X7 lease deals, you might have to take a few things into consideration and get an up to date information about the car itself, as well as about current BMW X7 lease deals offered on the market. A 2020 BMW X7 is a full size  luxury SUV that has already been raved about as legendary. This elegant member of the BMW family boasts it all: Three rows of comfort seating; air suspension with standard two-axle air suspension that, alongside other noteworthy features, assures an immaculate and comfy driving experience; space, space and once again space! The new BMW X7 offers you a roomy interior providing seating for seven people, or an optional six-seated configuration. It is equipped with all-electric Captain’s Chairs. The car’s second row seats are as standard. Accessing to your third row seats has not been easier and more effortless. Once you pull up the plastic handle on the second row seat, the rest happens automatically: first the front seat moves forward automatically to make room for the second row seat, which then itself moves forward automatically in order to provide best possible access to the car’s third row seats. It should be noted here that although generally the third rows of the SUV’s are designed for children. However, the third row seat of the 2020 BMW X7 is roomy enough to provide comfortable seating even for an adult passenger. So the passengers can have a cool air in the front seats, and heated seats in the back rows if necessary.  One of the options that are uncommon among the majority of the SUVs on the market are the heated third row seats. Yes! 2020 BMW X7 boasts this rare option. It offers heated third row seats together with its own climate zone for the absolute comfort of every single one of its passengers.

BMW X7 Lease Safety

When searching for new BMW X7 lease deals and specials, one of the key things to consider should be the the car’s safety features. With the 2020 BMW X7 you are assured a peace of mind when it comes to safety – alongside standard safety features like frontal collision warning with city collision mitigation, active blind spot detection, lane departure warning and more, X7 offers surround view with 3D view for easy back-up assistance, and modern parking assistance package. The X7 is BMW’s 7th SUV. The tech features of this luxury SUV deserve a special attention. You can set up the cabin conditions to your needs even before you get into the car thanks to the optional Remote Engine Start. One of the most impressive technology features of the 2020 BMW X7 is its automated driving system. Thanks to this amazing feature the car can drive itself without any of your interference below the speed limits of 40mph.The driver won’t have to touch anything while on the self driving feature is on.  However, in order to ensure its passengers’ safety, the car is equipped with a special camera on the gauge cluster screen area that is directed to the drivers face. So if the driver is not looking on the road while having the self driving feature on, the car will send warning lights and beeping sounds in order to get his/her attention and have the driver focus on the road. A truly legendary experience! 

BMW X7 Lease Deals from Studio Motors

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